"Leveraging construction expertise to build infrastructure business"

We have undertaken and completed various infrastructural projects that have facilitated the nation. Our innovative ideas, technological competence and grip on the subject has allowed us to be pioneers in the some of the Infrastructural projects. The various types of facilities constructed by RCC group are:

  • Roads & Runways
  • Airfields
  • Site Development & Management
  • Microwave Towers
  • Water Supply schemes including Radial Wells
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Ordinance Factories
  • Magazines – Special Storages
  • Electrification – HT & LT
  • Bridges & culverts

You and I come by road or rail, but economists travel on infrastructure.
- Margaret Thatcher


  • Various Residential BuildingsVarious Residential Buildings
  • Various Residential buildingsVarious Residential buildings
  • Sewage Treatment PlantsSewage Treatment Plants
  • Sewage Treatment PlantsSewage Treatment Plants
  • Microwave towersMicrowave towers
  • Institutional BuildingsInstitutional Buildings
  • Institutional BuildingsInstitutional Buildings
  • Industrial buildingsIndustrial buildings
  • Hospitals Hospitals
  • HangarsHangars